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Hike to Morgon peak, bivouac and sunrise over Serre-Ponçon

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An exceptional bivouac

What could be more magical than to contemplate the dawn at the top of the mountains, at an altitude of over 2,000 metres? The rudimentary luxury of a night's bivouac allows you to immerse yourself in the heart of the wild life of these remarkable natural spaces. The story of an unforgettable adventure for lovers ofexceptional moments.

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Awakening the senses


Il fait nuit noire lorsque vous ouvrez la tente recouverte par la rosée nocturne. Le café frémit sur le réchaud tandis que les étoiles scintillent dans le ciel d’un noir éclatant. Le froid est saisissant mais on est bien. Un bien-être difficilellement descriptible mais typique de ces moments de vie en montagne, emprunt de pleinitude, de puretée…

One step at a time, feeling your way along... the headlamp's beam of light your only guide. Then, very quickly, the machine starts working, the body warms up and the stride lengthens.

Air Libre Serre-Ponçon
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Into the wild...


Your eyes have finally adapted to the dark. Surveying the mountains at night is an unusual experience. You decide to switch off the headlamps to soak up the unique atmosphere as the first light of dawn appears to the east.


Just as you're about to reach the summit of Morgon, a chamois graces you with an impromptu encounter. No time to take out the camera, it's already gone. A fleeting moment... Was it really real?

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Panoramic terrace


Here you are at the summit, facing both sides of Lac de Serre-Ponçon. Provence to the south, Parc National des Écrins to the north. There's no better panorama in the region, and it's all yours. A priceless privilege... What better place to contemplate the sunrise?


No sooner have you settled in than the show begins. The mountains are suddenly ablaze. Their shadows appear in the valley and on the lake. Simply magnificent.

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Bathed in light


The scenery seems to come alive before your eyes. Light fills the landscape and the sky becomes a clear blue. The valley seems so close. Here the Embrun lake, there the Savines-le-Lac bridge, you feel as if you could touch them.


The warmth of the sun now caresses your skin and finishes warming you. The simple luxury of unadorned nature. A feeling of plenitude invades you...


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Happiness is in the Alps


Now it's time to head back down to the tents to erase all traces of your visit. Future visitors should also be able to enjoy total immersion in this unspoilt wilderness. As summer draws to a close, the grass begins to turn yellow and the Morgon cirque takes on the appearance of Mongolian steppes. There's no need to travel across the planet to feel out of place, there's so much to discover here.


A characteristic call crosses the mountain pasture. Marmots are numerous and shy. They're easy to photograph, for your viewing pleasure.


It's 10 a.m. when you return to the valley, and the day is just beginning...

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