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Frequently asked questions! #FAQ

// What's on offer in Serre-Ponçon?
Discover our experiences and what you can do with friends, family and partners in Serre-Ponçon.

// What are the best walks in Serre-Ponçon?
We've selected five itineraries! It wasn't easy to choose, but we did.

// Where to swim in Serre-Ponçon?
Take a look at all our beaches for a relaxing swim.

// What are the best viewpoints on Lac de Serre-Ponçon?
Get up high, on foot or by car, to enjoy exceptional panoramic views. By day, or at sunset, discover the most beautiful viewpoints on the lake.

// What are the next cultural events and exhibitions?
Go to the agenda page to find out the dates and times of cultural events and exhibitions in the area.
To find out about the region's highlights, click here!

// Which village to choose in Serre-Ponçon?
One lake, 17 communes - we'll take you to the heart of the
villages of Serre-Ponçon!

// What to do when it rains?
When it rains, don't let the weather spoil your day! Find out
where you can have fun, even on a rainy day.

// Where are the best picnic spots in Serre-Ponçon?
Find a selection of picnic spots in Serre-Ponçon, accessible by car.
And don't miss our special experience of picnicking, canoeing and pedal-boating in Serre-Ponçon!

// Why is the level of Lac de Serre-Ponçon low in winter?
The level of the lake varies in winter, and is regulated by EDF according to the hydroelectric production required, the downstream capacities of the reservoirs, and the inflow from the Ubaye and Durance rivers.
Don't hesitate to visit the Serre-Ponçon dam to learn more about its purpose.

// What beaches are accessible with your dog?
In winter, you and your pet are free to roam the beaches of Embrun lake and lake. In summer, dogs are not allowed on supervised beaches.
We've created a " Travelling with your dog " booklet containing all the practical information you need (recommendations, cani-areas, hikes, a section on guard dogs, visits, beaches, transport, etc.).

// What are the best spots to see in autumn in Serre-Ponçon?
In autumn, the landscape is transformed to offer us its most beautiful colors. Experience 7 intense moments in the heart of the autumn season.


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