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Autumn in Serre-Ponçon: 7 magical moments

A walk in the Forêt de Boscodon - Hiking
'' Summer is just drawing to a close in Serre-Ponçon, the days remain mild and sunny, the landscapes are transformed in a symphony of warm colors.

1. Autumn exploration: hiking and gathering

If you're looking for a breath of fresh air in a setting of warm autumn colors, there's nothing like a hike in the heart of Serre-Ponçon. This magical sight is well worth discovering, thanks to its rich flora and fauna.

Enter our exceptional forests 

  • The Boscodon forest in autumn Cédric TEMPER

    The Boscodon forest

    This emblematic forest of the Hautes-Alpes département is located on a balcony overlooking the Lac de Serre-Ponçon, and is home to a luxuriant flora rich in hundreds of species. Considered by the Office National des Forêts to be one of the purest places in France, it has now been awarded the "Forêt d'Exception" label. At the heart of this remarkable natural environment nestles theAbbaye de Boscodon, a 12th-century Romanesque edifice listed as a historic monument.

  • Pontis beech wood

    The Pontis beech grove

    This forest near the village of Pontis seems straight out of a fairy tale. At the foot of the beech trees, impressive boulders add a little more myth to the place. In autumn, the colors are simply breathtaking.

  • The larch ©CedricTemper

    The melezin

    These larch forests can be found all over the Serre-Ponçon area. The larch is the king of the southern Alps forest, with its soft, color-changing needles falling in autumn. The spectacle of color at this time of year is well worth seeing. The larch is nicknamed the "tree of light": it loves the sun and lets it shine through its fine needles.

In our exceptional forests, set off on a foraging expedition in the heart of this unspoilt natural environment, and you'll discover animal tracks in the midst of autumn leaves and thorns. What do we find? Chestnuts, which we'll roast later, hazelnuts and walnuts. It's also the perfect time of year for mushroom-picking enthusiasts, as many species can be found at this time of year: chanterelle, cep, sheep's foot, sanguine, petit gris... remember to be well-informed so you don't pick the poisonous ones, and if in doubt, don't eat them.
We're only going to give you a few tips, because the corners can't be revealed - a magician never reveals the secrets of his trick! The good mushroom hunter uses a wicker basket for better preservation. A knife is used to cut the mushrooms cleanly and flush with the stems, to preserve the environment and allow regrowth. You scrutinize the carpet of colorful leaves in search of the nugget. Nestled between the tree roots, their caps contrast with the soft green of the moss. Whether pan-fried or in an omelette, there are many recipes for sublimating these succulent forest delicacies.

All our Serre-Ponçon hikes 

If you want to discover the flora and fauna of Serre-Ponçon, there's nothing like a nature outing supervised by our enthusiastic guides.

  • bike, mountain bike, gravel! enjoy autumn ©Serre-Ponçon

    2. Autumn two-wheeled tour: colors and freedom

    Ideal weather conditions to take your bike, mountain bike or gravel out and enjoy autumn in all its splendor! It's the best time of year for 2-wheeled activities, as the heatwave gives way to milder temperatures, ideal for intense effort. Have you ever cycled at this time of year through colorful landscapes? A unique experience for 2-wheel enthusiasts, the perfect time to explore the roads and trails of Serre-Ponçon in comfortable conditions. Come and combine these pleasures with endless descents, from technical trails to quiet, playful tracks, in a breathtaking setting with Lake Serre-Ponçon as a backdrop! Serre-Ponçon is the perfect playground for 2-wheeled enthusiasts: an incredibly dense network of paths, tracks and trails, many of which have existed for centuries. This variety of terrain means there are routes to suit all levels and preferences. To explore them is to discover part of our region's heritage.

    All our 2-wheel trails in Serre-Ponçon 

    And there's nothing better than sharing them with our qualified instructors.

Autumn Fishing ©Serre-Ponçon
Fishing in Serre-Ponçon ©Norman.Lancelot

3. Autumn fishing at Serre-Ponçon: endless pleasure

Autumn fishing in Serre-Ponçon can offer memorable experiences. Be patient, adapt to changing conditions and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature during your fishing trip. Autumn fishing for carnivorous fish such as perch and pike is the best time to catch them, as they are on the lookout for reserves for the coming winter... A good reason to make the most of it! This is also the season of choice for carp, as fish behaviour changes and the angler's must adapt to the situation, particularly with the use of spinning rods. The size and choice of lures are also important.
The preferred sites for successful fishing are Lac de Serre-Ponçon and Embrun. In Serre-Ponçon and throughout the Hautes-Alpes département, fishing is permitted in autumn and throughout the winter, whereas in other départements, fishing is closed - a unique opportunity for fishing enthusiasts in all seasons.

  • Autumn in Serre-Ponçon, leisure activities to enjoy

    4. Autumn in Serre-Ponçon: a paradise for leisure enthusiasts

    When autumn arrives in Serre-Ponçon and the weather turns cooler and more unpredictable, it can be nice to find some fun indoor activities to keep you entertained. Here are just a few suggestions for what to do during this period. Immerse yourself in the world of cinema at Le Roc d'Embrun cinema. Make yourself comfortable and let yourself be transported by captivating stories on the big screen, perfect for a relaxing afternoon or evening. When you're in the mood for entertainment, immerse yourself in the world of escape games. Serre-Ponçon with escape game Le Cogitarium offers a variety of themed rooms, offering intellectual challenges and exciting puzzles. Gather your friends or family and put your skills to the test to solve the mysteries and escape in time. It's an immersive experience that will require you to use your logic, observation and deduction skills while cooperating with your teammates, and is sure to strengthen the bonds between participants and give you plenty of anecdotes to remember. In autumn, our beautiful region is decked out in shimmering colors and bewitching mysteries. We've put together a program of events for the autumn vacations, packed with exciting activities to help you discover the magical autumn of Serre-Ponçon!

  • Éclats d'Automne: heritage in color

    5. Éclats d'Automne: heritage in color

    Want to learn more about Serre-Ponçon's unique heritageor local know-how?
    Serre-Ponçon has a rich heritage, with major sites such asBoscodon Abbey and Embrun Cathedral... and above all, a heritage that symbolizes our local culture. Discover the history and heritage of Serre-Ponçon and our small villages as you embark on a journey back in time! Serre-Ponçon's often little-known built heritage bears witness to its history, traditions and the richness of its territory. Discover our destination's hidden heritage treasures.
    If you'd like to immerse yourself in the heart of Serre-Ponçon, here's a selection of our places to visit, our cultural and natural heritageand our guided tours.

  • Well-being

    6. Autumn pampering

    What could be better than a day at the spa to relax when the sun is shining outside, but temperatures are cooling? Autumn is the perfect time to treat yourself to a relaxing break at one of our different spas while admiring the beautiful colors of nature. Alternating hot and cold baths provide a deep sense of well-being for body and mind, ideal for recharging your batteries. To relax in Serre-Ponçon, you can visit the Aqua Viva aquatic center.

    Finally, to take care of yourself, don't hesitate to indulge in a wellness interlude in the expert hands the expert hands of our therapists.

7. Serre-Ponçon from a new angle

Capture the beauty of autumn landscapes with your camera. Bright colors and soft light make autumn an ideal time for photography. Don't forget to check the weather forecast before you leave to make sure you're well prepared for the changing autumn weather conditions. Take advantage of this magical season to discover Serre-Ponçon from a whole new angle.

Autumn sparkle at Serre-poncon