'' Dive into the heart of Alpine authenticity at Serre-Ponçon, where the lake, between wild creeks and turquoise water, reflects the singular beauty of our mountains, blending Provencal essences with the alpine character of the Southern Alps.
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    Explore the mountain dimension of Serre-Ponçon through five valleys: Boscodon, Châteauroux-les-Alpes, Réallon, Crévoux and Les Orres. And let's not forget the heights of Embrun and the vast southern slope above Chorges, adding captivating diversity to the Serre-Ponçon mountain experience.

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Patrimoine 6.Abbaye Boscodon

The Boscodon valley

It is home to the illustrious Abbey of the same name: Abbaye de Boscodona place not to be missed, combining culture and spirituality. It is also the ideal starting point for the hike to the emblematic summit of the Pic de Morgonoffering breathtaking panoramic views of the Serre-Ponçon lake. In the heart of this valley, the gîte de La Draye invites you to savor the delights of the mountains in summer, while reviving the Nordic ski area of La Draye in winter. Another remarkable site, the Lac du Lauzerotoffers a refreshing break for a family picnic. At the foot of this valley, the commune of Crots welcomes you with attractions such as the Picomtal castle or the Charcuterie Museum.

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    The Châteauroux-les-Alpes valley

    It is one of the region's gateways to the southern part of the Ecrins National Park. As such, it houses the welcome center which offers exhibitions, events and information on the Park and its activities. This valley is also the gateway to the famous Pisse waterfallthe Col des Tourettes and other wilder itineraries in the heart of the Ecrins. The Pinées gite is an ideal starting point for mountaineers and families who want to enjoy the ever-present natural surroundings. The commune offers a wealth of natural points of interest, including the demoiselles coiffées, rock formations of glacial origin. At the mouth of the Rabioux torrent in the Durance, you'll also discover the renowned Rabioux wave, a popular destination for white-water enthusiasts. At the bottom of this valley, the commune of Châteauroux-les-Alpes also offers a full range of services to enhance your stay.

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The Réallon valley

It houses the territory's other gateway to the Ecrins National Park at the hamlet of Gourniers, with its Visitor and Information Centre. Explore the many hiking trails, such as the discovery trail with its giant's cooking pot. From the Gite des 3 Cols, start out on a variety of hikes, including to the Chargès valleyvalley Col de la Coupapass Oussela loopand many others. Discover the Iscle leisure park with its campsite and refreshing lake, transformed into a Nordic area in winter. Don't miss the Réallon fortfrom the town center, a cherished part of Réallon's heritage, as are the mysterious Oucanes de Chabrières. Réallon is also a charming resort, nestled at the foot of the imposing Aiguilles de Chabrières. As an added bonus, it offers exceptional panoramic views of Lac de Serre-Ponçon, along with its alpine domain, panoramic panoramic chairlifts and its bike park inin summer. This resolutely family-friendly resort invites you to enjoy the harmony between mountain activities and the enchanting natural surroundings.

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    La vallée de Crévoux

    They are home to one of the oldest resorts in the Alps, including the alpine and Nordic domains of the Crévoux resort. It is also renowned for its atypical Parpaillon tunnellinking the Durance and Ubaye valleys. This picturesque valley is the starting point for numerous hikes with a strong Alpine character, such as those leading to the Crachet lakelake Razis waterfallthe vast valleys of the Parpaillon, or the summits of the same name, for those seeking a more pronounced challenge.

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    Les Orres

    Enfin la vallée et station des Orres, grande domaine de ski alpin (100km de pistes !). La station propose un bike park de référence et de multiples équipements : piscine, patinoire, jeux pour enfant, Pôle Sport Innovation comprenant salles d’escalade et de fitness, tapis ski et réalité virtuelle!
    Elle propose également de belles montagnes et randonnées comme le très classique lac de Sainte-Marguerite, le sommet de l’Aupillon ou le col des Orres.

Lac de Saint-Apollinaire above Lac de Serre-Ponçon, ©Le Naturographe
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Finally, the large eastern slope aboveEmbrun gives access to the Mont Guillaumeto lac de l'hivernet among others, while the south-facing slope above Chorges gives access to the Col de la Gardettethe the Lion de Saladosand the peaceful Lac de Saint-Apollinaire.

What's more, Serre-Ponçon occupies a central position in the Hautes-Alpes and can be seen as an ideal "base camp" for hikers, climbers and other mountain enthusiasts. Located halfway between the Écrinsthe Queyrasthe Briançonnais/Serre-Chevalier to the north, Céüse to the south,Ubaye to the east, and the Champsaur as well as the Dévoluy to the west, the region offers privileged access to a variety of exceptional mountain landscapes.

'' If you'd like to discover the mountains of Serre-Ponçon with a guide, the choice is yours!
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