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Abbaye de Boscodon: 1,000 years of history, remarkable architecture, an exceptional forest, a museum for everyone

Boscodon Abbey
'' EPOUSTOUFLANT: Are you one of those who are interested in the architecture of churches and cathedrals? How did the craftsmen work? What tools did they use? How did they use the Golden Ratio? Boscodon Abbey holds this treasure... and much more. Whether you're a layman or an insider, your visit will enrich your body, mind and soul.
Mauricedu83, Hyères

Surprisingly, in its mineral and vegetal setting, the abbey appears like a moored ship.

Boscodon Abbey

Like a whispered invitation, the tour immerses visitors in the medieval mentality.
A spiritual universe between the visible, the veiled and the invisible?
Between architectural and musical aesthetics?
A quest for meaning between faith and reason?

The threshold, an invitation to enter


Boscodon Abbey

The guide pauses in front of the gate. He signifies the passage between the profane and the sacred, and then walks slowly into the sanctuary.
The visitor's gaze skirts the bare walls, coming to rest on the crossless Christ at the bedside, revealing even more of the edifice's total bareness.

'' As we enter the building, we are seized - I was going to say "bewitched" - by the volume, the space, the bare walls and the light from the seven openings, which diffuse a halo of light conducive to meditation.

Immensity of space, silence and depth

Boscodon Abbey

Visitors seem to wonder: can they hear the murmur of breathing stone? Do they let themselves be inhabited by silence or carried away by the resounding chant of the monks?
In this enveloping space, light reveals itself, shadow extends it: against all duality, unity and harmony seem omnipresent.

'' The importance of symbols is also reflected in the design of the buildings: repetition of elements according to key numbers (7 arches, like the 7 days of the week) and proportional relationships in harmony with the golden number.

Bare and naked

Abbaye de Boscodon -Serre-Ponçon

Nothing... no stained-glass windows, sculptures or frescoes. Without representative images, the guide opens a few doors to interlocking worlds: geometric shapes, numbers, Romanesque architecture, Cistercian art. He suggests a symbolism in which the listener and viewer are free to choose their own representations.


©: Nathalie Gouet, Jean Mansir, Alain Bellet

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