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Discover Embrun Cathedral... And its treasure!

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Entering the treasure room at Embrun Cathedral is a breathtaking experience. Unraveling the mysteries of the lions in the Porche du Réal is a convivial adventure, while contemplating the elegance of the colorful vaults is a spiritual pause. This tour goes from surprise to surprise, let yourself be guided!

guided tour

Cathedral times


Perched on Embrun's rocky outcrop, Notre-Dame du Réal cathedral dominates the Durance valley. Covered passageways, narrow winding streets, sculpted doorways... the Middle Ages are in the air. Wandering through the quiet medieval streets of the old town is like soaking up 900 years of history, expecting to come across a group of archers on guard at the foot of the imposing brown tower, which resembles a dungeon. Suddenly, around the bend in the archbishop's palace, the imposing, majestic architecture of the cathedral comes into view.


The Tour Brune and the Jardin de l'Archevêque

Before or after your visit, don't forget to stop off in the archbishop's gardens for an incredible view of the Durance valley. Right next to the cathedral, the Tour Brune is a reception area for the Ecrins National Park. From its 26-metre high roof, you can enjoy a 360° panorama. ">The Tour Brune and the Jardin de l'Archevêque.

guided tour of Embrun

Passing on history in Embrun


The smile on Corinne's face hints at a convivial and cheerful discovery. Questions fly, glances are cast from one sculpture to another, and the prestigious past of the Archbishopric of Embrun is gradually revealed before our eyes.


Did you know?

Notre-Dame du Réal Cathedral, on the route to Santiago de Compostela, is an important pilgrimage site, where over 200 miracles were recorded between the 14th and 15th centuries.

-® Camille Bertuletti (3)

The mystery of the lions of Embrun


Pink and green marble, grey schist and white limestone color the porch of the Réal. The two lions reclining in front of the north portal threaten us with their wide-open jaws. We look at the details that adorn the porch, searching for the differences between left and right. Did you notice the intertwined snakes? Your guide will help you decipher the symbols.



Play the game of 7 differences with the cathedral's Lion Porch and distinguish between good and evil! Take a close look at the columns... A small figure seems to be hiding inside. Legend has it that the Provost of the Chapter, having failed to pay the cathedral's workmen on time, was locked behind these columns.

'' A spiritual break during your summer visit to Embrun. Serenity and freshness ....
Yoann O.

A haven of peace


Inside, the few rays of colored light let in by the 15th-century stained glass windows caress our faces. Settled serenely in the coolness of these walls, our gaze is inevitably drawn to the elegant lines of the vaults, striped in black and white. A striking polychromy, charged with spirituality.


Not to be missed! 

Come and listen to the cathedral organs. Free "L'heure de l'orgue" concerts every Thursday at 6 p.m. in July and August.">Don't miss it!

-® Jean-Pierre Pavie (2)

The king's stall


The stalls in the cathedral choir are barely visible. The guide unlocks the wrought-iron grilles. We have the privilege of closely observing the bas-reliefs adorning the 15th-century walnut panelling. A space dedicated to religious figures, one of these stalls has welcomed King Louis XI and President Charles de Gaulle. Can you resist borrowing its seat?


Notre-Dame du Réal, Cathedral of kings

In the 15th century, King Louis XI showed great generosity towards the cathedral chapter. His endowments were used to build the great organs and the walnut choir stalls. ">Notre-Dame du Réal, Cathedral of kings

Dressed in gold and silver!


The excitement is palpable in the group as they enter the archbishops' sacristy. Apprehension gives way to astonishment as the doors open one by one to reveal showcases of gilded chalices, silver ciboria, illuminated manuscripts and a collection of gold-embroidered vestments. Just one desire... to return and continue exploring the details of this infinite treasure trove.


One of France's most beautiful treasures!

Exhibited in the cathedral's former sacristy and only accessible during guided tours, the collection comprises over 500 objects, many of them listed as historic monuments.

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