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Sensation buoys at Serre Ponçon


Looking for laughter and excitement in an idyllic setting? Towed buoys on the lake are "THE" hot family outing!

Bouees - © Sud Escapades

Nautical enchantment

The mountains parade above the lake! The spectacle is grandiose. At Lac de Serre-Ponçon, the towed buoys glide, twirl, dodge and collide, transforming the setting into a theater. The tribe can't wait, it's euphoria!



Jéremy gives us his final instructions for swimming to the buoys. This is it! Smiles on our lips, stress and excitement mingle. Perched on our buoys, before we hit the throttle, our eyes meet and we laugh.

buoy - © Sud Escapades

Towed buoys: all about gliding!

The rope connecting the buoys to the boat is tightened...Let's go!!!! Anadrenalin rush! The boat has started! The lake as far as the eye can see, colors everywhere, catamarans, boats, canoes... I burst out laughing, in a bath of foam. I forget everything, I'm free!

Hang on to the buoy!

I accelerate again, I fly over the water, I take off on the boat's waves...! The speed in the bends is tenfold, pure gliding! I catch my breath between giggles! What a blast!

Horue Movie

To the water!

Watch out! A big wave makes me fly, my heart speeds up and splash! An impromptu dive, full of freshness... ! I let myself float in the turquoise water, enjoying the sun's rays on my face, the boat is already there.


Feeling of well-being

It's time to head back to the beach, lulled by the exhilaration of the moment, emotions intermingle between fullness and pride, happiness and gaiety.

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