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La Foulée Caturige


MAY 19, 2024

'' The Chorges nature run with a breathtaking view of Lac de Serre-Ponçon!

21st edition of the Chorges nature race

Mouv'in Chorges looks forward to seeing you in the courtyard of the Chorges elementary school on Sunday, May 19, 2024, for the 21st edition of the Foulée Caturige! Over the years, this sporting and family-friendly event has become a must forrunning enthusiasts. Let yourself be tempted by a course adapted to your goals: the maxi foulée 20km, the traditional Foulée Caturige 13.5km, thefoulée découverte 6km, the marche caturige 9km or the Kids Foulées. And for the lucky ones, a breathtaking view of Lake Serre-Ponçon!

For the second year, Mouv'in Chorges is also offering the Trail Caturige of 33km 1250D+.



19.05 Foulée Caturige CHO

Races for everyone

  • THE CATURIGE TRAIL: 35km / 1250m ascent+ / 12% on roads / 28% on trails / 60% on paths. 4 feed stations: at kilometers 7, 13, 21 and 1 at the finish.
    Times: 7:30 am - Start; 11:45 am - Approximate finish of last runners + prize-giving ceremony
    Registration 32€ pre-registration / 40€ on race day
    Come and discover, as on the other courses, the coastal path between Chanteloube Bay and St-Michel Bay, the Curattes belvedere, the Chapelle St Michel... But at kilometer 14, cross the majestic Chanteloube viaduct (submerged in summer) for a 9.8km climb for 800D+ non-stop! This ascent takes you along the superb "Ruban" trail, with a view over the whole of Lac de Serre-Ponçon on the Durance valley side: from the Hyvans to Embrun, with the Ecrins mountains in the background!
    ATTENTION suspens.... Mid-May is exactly the time when the lake level rises to around the coast of the Chanteloube viaduct. Depending on the winter snowfall and hydroelectric requirements, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't! If the viaduct is already submerged, the alternative route is 38km long and has roughly the same gradient.
  • LA MAXI FOULEE 20km / 500m ascent+ / 13% on roads / 32% on trails / 55% on footpaths. 3 feed stations: at kilometers 7, 13 and 1 at the finish.
    Times: 8:30 am - Start; 11:45 am - Approximate finish of last runners + prize-giving ceremony
    Registration 18€ pre-registration / 25€ on race day
    A demanding, technical course that takes you along the shores of Lac de Serre-Ponçon, with magnificent views. Don't take this trail lightly: despite its low gradient, it's sure to please with its playful singles.
  • THE FOULEE CATURIGE 13.5km / 270m ascent+ / 22% on road / 49% on trail / 29% on footpath. 2 feed stations: at km 6.5 and 1 at finish
    Times: 9.40am - Start; 11.45am - Approximate finish of last runners and prize-giving ceremony.
    Registration 12€ pre-registration / 18€ on race day
    This 13.5km route takes you to the magnificent viewpoint of Les Curattes, where the views over the lake (Baie St-Michel) and the Grand Morgon are breathtaking. On the way back, you'll tackle a superb, very playful single in the forest. This route, accessible to all, can be a great challenge for friends. Guaranteed 100% fun!

  • LA FOULEE DECOUVERTE 6km / 90m ascent + / 100% discovery
    Times: 9:45 am Start
    Registration 7€ pre-registration / 12€ on race day
    An ideal introduction to running, the Foulée Découverte is not timed. 100% sharing with family and friends, aged 10 and over!
  • THE CATURIGE WALKNon-timed / 9km / 130m ascent + / 0% running / 100% walking and fun
    Times: 8:40 am - Start
    Registration 7€ pre-registration / 10€ on race day
    From 10 years old. Running prohibited, walking compulsory, poles authorized.
  • LES KIDS FOULÉES Not timed
    Baby Athlé (born in 2018 and 2019): Distance 350m; Start around 9 a.m.
    Eveil athlé (born 2015 to 2017): Distance 500m; Start around 9 a.m.
    Poussins (born in 2013 and 2014): Distance 900m; Start around 9 a.m.
    Registration 1€ on race day. On site from 7am (until 30min max before the race). Parental authorization required. All children will be rewarded. Medical certificate strongly recommended.
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Program for the day

Meeting point : Chorges elementary school courtyard

Saturday May 18th 

4pm - 6pm: On-site registration, bib withdrawal

Sunday May 19th

6:30am - Start of race number collection and on-site registration (subject to availability) (closes 45min before the race)
7:30 am - Start of Trail Caturige (33km)
8:30 am - Start of the Maxi Foulée (20km)
8:40 am - Start of the Caturige Walk (9km)
9h - Children's races
9h40 - Start of the Foulée Caturige (13.5km)
9:45 am - Start of the Foulée Découverte (6km)
10h - Approximate arrival of the first runners
11h45 - Approximate arrival of last runners and prize-giving ceremony

Registration is possible:

On line
On site: subject to availability and a €5 surcharge

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'' Magnificent course but technical in places, impeccable signposting, top-notch volunteers! Thank you for this magnificent maxi stride that washed my feet!
Hélène, experienced runner