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Exceptional flight: Paragliding in Serre-Ponçon


Paragliding over the Lac de Serre-Ponçon is a unique experience combining thrills and contemplation. From the heights of Mont Guillaume to the hilltop village of St-Vincent-les-forts, there's one marvellous spot after another to take in the breathtaking scenery between lake and mountains.


Le Naturographe

Flying: your dream!


For those new to aerology, a paragliding experience over Lac de Serre-Poncon is a must. Its turquoise, jade and emerald reflections make it a fantastic treasure in its mountain setting.

Shaken in the 4X4, you mask your apprehension with a few jokes. Laughter breaks out as the fateful moment approaches. The take-off area takes shape at 1600 m altitude.


Practical info

Paragliding is available all year round in Serre-Ponçon. There are launch sites in Embrun under Mont Guillaume, Savines-le-lac, St-Vincent-les-forts, St-Sauveur, Réallon and Les Orres. The aerological configurations (wind, clouds) severely restrict practice, so please ask the school for details. Baptism from 90 € to 175 € from 20 mn to 1h - Child flight from 3 years old : 7 mn 65 €.

Take-off area
Le Naturographe
Ready to go

Brave but not foolhardy


800 m below, the lake hypnotizes you. The first courageous person to take the plunge, excited and electrified, makes you feel privileged.

Chouchou, your expert in the field, briefs you on the flight and its safety. He'll help you put on your helmet and harness. His 25 years of experience will reassure you.


Did you know?

The sensation of vertigo is created by the brain when it receives contradictory information from the eyes, the inner ear and the feet. In paragliding, the feet don't touch the ground or anything resembling it, so there's no vertigo.

Abracadabra! You take the plunge!


Behind you, Chouchou inflates the gl ider's sail. Your heart races, a few quick steps and your feet leave the ground - surprise! the glider soars. The magic of flight begins, what a feeling of freedom! That's it, you're floating in the air!



A 1-hour flight from Mont-Guillaume, a unique and unforgettable experience that alternates between adrenaline rushes and euphoria.


Happiness is in the air


Sitting on the harness as if on a swing, you abandon yourself confidently. Not a sound, just the breath of air in the sail. The palette of colors is infinite, the view sublime. Chouchou names the peaks, the high-altitude lakes, the deep valleys.


Expert advice...

Aerological conditions vary according to the day. Choose the Pierre-Arnoux spot in the morning and the Mont Guillaume take-off from midday onwards. For the late afternoon, the Méale launch at St Sauveur offers perfect conditions.

Children's paragliding

Adrenalin rush


Your fellow adventurers are as excited as you are, calling out to you, your instructors playing with the updrafts. Your enthusiasm is at its peak, Chouchou engages in an over-the-wing turn. Wow! The adrenalin rush! The sensation of aerobatics is exhilarating!


What to take with you

High boots preferred, otherwise sneakers, and a windproof jacket. Winter: downhill, snowboard or telemark skis and a warm anorak.

Between fear and joy

The landing looms. Chouchou encourages you to get out of the harness, position your right foot for the landing, time speeds up, and you land... gently. Shouts of joy, bursts of laughter and euphoria, you congratulate each other and warmly thank your instructors.


Memories, memories...

You can leave with a video of your flight (to be booked and paid for on site: €30).

your paragliding flight: engraved forever

The lake is there, so vast, so blue, you rush in, splashing, then the urge to let yourself be carried by the water as, just now, by the air is strongest.

You close your eyes, the images rush in, you've done it, you've flown! An intense experience in a sublime setting...

'' Superb experience, this flight over Lake Serre-Ponçon! An excellent, unforgettable experience! A wonderful team, welcoming, warm, very professional, keen to share their passion, a great moment of sharing!
Sophie L.

If air is your element, you can also fly over Serre-Ponçon in a hot-air balloon, ULM-Hydro, seaplane, tourist plane or glider... Find out more about all our aerial activities below.

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