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Wakesurfing on Lac de Serre-Ponçon at sunrise

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'' Wakesurfing is like surfing, but without the need to row and wait for the perfect swell. Towed by a boat at fairly low speed, you take advantage of the wave generated by the motor to surf freely and gently on water as smooth as a sea of oil. Dare to take the plunge at first light! It'll be an unforgettable experience...
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Night-time preparations

It's still dark when you arrive at the pontoon for this morning wakesurfing session. Darkness absorbs the scenery, with only a few reflections on the surface of the water to distinguish the lake from the rest of the landscape.

The dawn of this new day is just beginning to light up the sky, which is timidly taking on a rosy hue. The lake is still a deep black. The boat starts up, the roar of the engine the only sound to disturb the tranquility of the moment. You slowly set sail.

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Bewitching scenery

The ballast tanks fill up, creating the perfect wave for wakesurfing. In the meantime, you're getting ready and watching the sunrise. The sun rises over the Morgon. A play of light and shadow is created on the lake, still deserted at this hour. Stunningly beautiful.

You breathe in the fresh summer morning air. The boat is ready, and so is the wave. Its oscillation clouds the perfectly smooth early morning water. You fire up your favorite playlist on the boat's speakers and jump into the water.

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Time to ride!

This refreshing, invigorating water bath finishes off your wake-up call! Now it's time for wakesurfing!

Hang on to the rudder, legs bent and board across. The boat accelerates, a push on the legs and off you go! As easy as getting up from a chair...

A few curves with the rudder bar in hand, just enough time to warm up and assimilate the sensations. The aim is to pick up speed in the wave and become autonomous without using the rudder bar.

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'' I really loved wakesurfing. You feel so free, gliding along the board barefoot on the water. A real pleasure, a must try!
Sophie B.
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Catching the wave on a wakesurf

Once you've got the hang of it, you settle into the wave. You let go of the rudder and find yourself surfing behind the boat, pushed by the wave... All smoothly... That 's the magic of wakesurfing!

The gliding sensations are insane. You're barefoot on the board. Without bindings, the sensations are tenfold, just like surfing. You feel a real sense of freedom. You play with the wave. Weight forward, you pick up speed to ride it down. Weight backwards, you slow down to get back into it.

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The only limit is your imagination

Confidence quickly builds, and you're on your way to a series of beautiful curves. A hard turn on the crest of the wave and a spray of sparkling water shoots up behind your board.

Your friends are seated at the stern of the boat. The boat is moving at a slow speed, just under 20km/h. It's easy to chat with them, to hear their advice... And even their challenges. Picking up speed in the trough of the wave, you pull up hard at the top and throw your shoulders and gaze back to attempt a 360, which... doesn't go through and you fall.

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The start of a dream day

A few more rotations, and you've got to get that 360 in! You take advantage of the arrival in a cove with turquoise waters to get back on the boat. A little rest before going back. And then you have to make room for the others.

At 9am, you're back on the lakeshore. Time for breakfast. The day has just begun, and it's already perfect. What's your next adventure?

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