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Patrick Domeyne ADDET

AUGUST 15, 2024
40th edition


'' Experience the myth - Long-distance triathlon in the Alps - Unique course!

The Embrun Man: the toughest triathlon in the world!

The EmbrunMan is a world-class XXL triathlon(IronMan classification) approved by the French Triathlon Federation (FFTri), held in Embrun, Lac de Serre-Ponçon. Every year on August 15, runners take to the water at Embrun for a mythical course! It all starts with a 3.8km swim, in 2 loops, to be completed in the early hours of the morning on the Embrun lake, followed by 188km of cycling (3600m ascent), including the Col Izoard in the Guillestre-Briançon direction. And finally, 42km of running, a marathon distance, with 440m of ascent, on a course of 3 loops. These various events pass through Embrun, as well as many emblematic landscapes of the Hautes-Alpes, such as the Izoard: this climb to 2360m altitude, which became part of the cycling route in 1989, makes it a real event worthy of the Tour de France, with the Serre-Ponçon lake as a backdrop.

How did the Embrunman become a world-renowned myth? In 1984, the Embrunman started out as a short-distance triathlon: 750m swim, 30km bike and 10km run. The changes came with the 2nd edition, when the distances were doubled. By 1987, it had earned the nickname "the toughest triathlon in the world", with its impressive dimensions almost identical to those of today. Over the years, it became the number-one goal for triathletes from all over the world, thanks to the number of participants, particularly foreign athletes, and the media coverage. The myth is in place, and every year it inspires new dreams!

Come one, come all to take part in or witness this world-class sporting event. The Embrunman is not only a sporting adventure, but above all a human one, with some 1,500 participants and 28 different nationalities taking part every year.

BEST OF 2021

4 courses
EMBRUNMAN / 3.8km Swim - 185km Bike - 42km Run / Registration
HALF EMBRUNMAN / 1.9km Swim - 90km Bike - 21kmRun / Registration
.5km Swim - 45km Bike - 10km Run/ Registration

Embrunman 2024 poster

A unique sports program

► S unday, August 11
2pm to 6pm:
Half and Quart Embrunman bib withdrawals - Salle des Fêtes

Monday, August 12
9am to 12pm : Pick-up of Half and Quart Embrunman race numbers - Salle des Fêtes
2pm to 6pm: Bib number pick-up (Half, Quart, Trois Quart Embrunman and Embrunman) - Salle des Fêtes
12pm: Exhibitors' Village opens
12pm to 8pm: Exhibitors' Village
5pm: Briefing Half and Quart Embrunman

Tuesday, August 13
8am to 8pm:
Exhibitors' village
4am to 6:45am : Bike drop-off in the Parc du Quart and Half Embrunman
6am: Half Embrunman start
6:10am: Embrunman Start Area
3pm: Half and Quart Embrunman prize-giving ceremony
9am to 12pm and 2pm to 6pm: Embrunman and Trois Quart race numbers collection - Salle des Fêtes

► Wednesday, August 14:

8am to 8pm: Exhibitors' Village
9am to 12pm and 2pm to 6pm: Pick-up of Embrunman and Trois Quart Embrunman race numbers - Salle des Fêtes
1:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. : Bike drop-off in the Embrunman and Trois Quart Embrunman park
5pm: Briefing at the Embrunman and Trois Quart Embrunman podium

► Thursday, August 15

4am: Opening of the XXL Bike Park
5:50 am: Women's start of the Embrunman Triathlon and Embrunman Three-quarter at the Plan d'Eau
6am: Men's start of the Embrunman Triathlon and Embrunman Trois Quart at the Plan d'Eau
8 a.m. to 8 p.m.: Exhibitors' village

► Friday, August 16

10am: L'Embrunman and Trois Quart Embrunman prize-giving ceremony
8am to 12pm:
Exhibitors' village
: Closing of partners' village


Patrick Domeyne - ADDET

Registration follow this link

Registration rates:
EMBRUNMAN XXL 15/08/24 / 410€ until 30/04 - 460€ from 1/05 to 31/05 - 510€ from 01/06 to 8/07 / Registration from 15/12/24
TROIS QUART EMBRUNMAN 15/08/24 / 300€ until 30/04 - 330€ from 1/05 to 31/05 - 350€ from 01/06 to 8/07/ Registration from 15/01/24
HALF EMBRUNMAN 13/08/24 / 210€ until 30/04 - 230€ from 1/05 to 31/05 - 250€ from 01/06 to 8/07/ Registration from 15/02/24
QUART EMBRUNMAN 13/08/24 / 105€ until 30/04 - 115€ from 1/05 to 31/05 - 130€ from 01/06 to 8/07 / Registration from 15/03/24


'' The race record is held by Léon Chevalier (French) in 9h28mn18sec, in 2021.

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