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Local exoticism, SUP at Serre-Ponçon

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An ancestral Hawaiian practice, SUP or Stand Up Paddle is a trendy, hyper-accessible and really fun emotion to experience at Serre-Ponçon. Its turquoise waters, wild coves, secret beaches, islets and breathtaking scenery make it a paradise spot!

Bois vieux, an idyllic setting for a successful SUP initiation!

For a first experience, learning how it works by falling and rising, and being exhausted in no time, not for you! You've got the agility, you've got the sense of balance, but when it comes to technique, it's best to leave it to a pro. Close to the dam, a beach in the pine forest, a SUP school, excellent reviews for the instructor. Your choice is made: Bois Vieux.

The spotlight

We're not in the calanques of Cassis, but in the Hautes-Alpes, and yet... Pine forest, clear water, steep rocky peaks plunging into the lake, Bois-Vieux hides some real treasures!

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Acquiring the basics

A little excited by apprehension, Jérôme's serene welcome soothes you. He chooses the board best suited to your size, adjusts the height of your paddle and clearly explains the basic techniques. Going from the pontoon to the board already on the water isn't so difficult if you choose to access it from the side, and hanging the leash that connects you to the board on your ankle reassures you.
For ideal conditions on the lake, consult the SMADESEP website.

Information for beginners

This activity is best enjoyed in the morning when the lake is smooth before the thermal breezes pick up.

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Hop on the water!

Your coach accompanies you on the water, making you feel at ease and confident. You start on your knees, then the fateful moment - you shudder - to stand up. Can you do it without wallowing? You listen attentively: "keep your feet apart, stand up holding your paddle, look far ahead, paddle immediately...". Yippee! You're on your feet, amazed and delighted, and you're gliding across that mirror. Great! Patient, he guides you for a few more minutes. Thank you Jérôme for your sound advice!


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The pleasure of sliding... gently

Solo, the lake is yours! Sunrise, a sublime sight. The pleasure of breathing in the fresh air, the impression of freedom, the duality between the reassuring proximity of the steep banks and the dizzying immensity of the lake. The silvery back of a fish emerges - a nice surprise! From a standing position, you discover the landscape from a new angle, conquering and paddling past several rocky points, no less than five coves reveal themselves to your fascinated eyes.


Sunrise, Sunset early morning, calm, serenity, beauty, colors, unique moments to share, 2h of discovery, technical advice and breakfast or sunset version with aperitif...

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A personal challenge to go faster without falling

Torn between whispering in the morning silence and shouting your joy, you gain confidence, pick up the pace, knees slightly bent, plunge the entire blade of your paddle into the water, press rhythmically on its upper part, arms straight, swivel your torso, break your pelvis. You progress faster, mastering your trajectory as you row from side to side. Your muscles are hot.

Did you know?


The fitness and slimming advantage of paddleboarding: without necessarily realizing it, this nautical discipline works every part of the body. Thighs, buttocks, abs, arms - every muscle is involved!

Crystalline water calls to me

You're craving a swim, so why not? The water is 22°, so you tie your paddle to a half-submerged pine tree and jump in for an invigorating and stimulating rejuvenating bath. A small, pleasantly gentle shale beach offers you hospitality. Inaccessible by car, it's deserted, a luxury you'll appreciate.

What to take with you

A swimsuit or shorts and a UV-resistant T-shirt, a beach towel, a bottle of water to wedge into the paddle's elastic bands, and a cap if necessary. The activity is barefoot.

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Paddle = Zen attitude

On the return journey, your senses will marvel as you adopt a Zen attitude, enjoying the moment in total serenity, relaxation and inner calm. Lulled by the gentle whisper of the paddle in the water, you revel in every moment. A trip you won't forget. Paddleboarding, a sport that's 100% zen and 100% good vibes!



Aloha is about sending and receiving positive energy. Aloha is living in harmony. When you live the aloha spirit, you create positive emotions and thoughts for yourself. That's what you'll feel after a paddle on Lac de Serre-Ponçon.


An experience to share

The pine forest is there, the sun is warming, and you lie back on your towel, lulled by the song of the cicadas. Proud that you've mastered the technique, you'll be back with your family - this delicious glide is to be shared.



Awesome! We had a one-hour initiation session with our children, aged 5 and 7, who sat at the end of the board with a life jacket. We found the session top-notch: idyllic spot, Jérôme, the coach, very professional and friendly, put us at ease right from the start. A must if you're in the area! Without hesitation! We'll be back with pleasure!

Where to enjoy this experience... Several service providers offer rentals (from €14) and/or introductory courses (from €25), accompanied hikes at sunset or sunrise on Lac de Serre-Ponçon during the summer season, but some brave souls use their own equipment and enjoy themselves even at the gateway to winter!

Contacts : Aloha Serre-Ponçon, Glisscool, la Baille....

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