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40th European Heritage Days

The Naturographer

September 16 & 17
Serre-Ponçon / Guillestrois - Queyras

Culture for all

The European Heritage Days were created in 1984 by the French Ministry of Culture. Each year, they aim to showcase the extraordinary wealth of our local heritage to as many people as possible, and to all generations, through sometimes unusual visits, new encounters and exceptional openings of sites that are often little-known to the public.

For this 40th edition, the theme chosen is LIVING HERITAGE AND SPORTS HERITAGE:
- The "Living Heritage" theme highlights practices, expressions, knowledge and skills passed down from one generation to the next, such as traditional craftsmanship, knowledge of nature and the universe, and cultural heritage (songs, dances, rituals, festivals). This theme coincides with the 20th anniversary of UNESCO's Convention on Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH).
- The second theme, "Sports heritage": , has grown considerably since the beginning of the 20th century, particularly in our region. An opportunity to shine a spotlight on it ahead of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

The heritage department of the Serre-Ponçon and Guillestrois-Queyras communities of communes is coordinating initiatives with local municipalities and associations, offering visitors the chance to discover the region through these two themes.

Complete program of the JEP in Serre-Ponçon Guillestrois-Queyras



GUIDE TOUR - Historic garden / 3pm - Mont-Dauphin
With the gardener, discover the plants, recipes and culinary anecdotes of Vauban's time. Duration: 1h30. Registration 04 92 24 77 61.
Org. Municipality of Mont-Dauphin


A selection of paintings explained by Catherine Briotet, curator of Antiquities and Works of Art, and Lise Dhorne, cultural coordinator for the town of Embrun.

Duration 1h15. Org. Ville d'Embrun


A poetic and sensitive evocation of a mountain village struggling to survive, and a rebirth that resonates with our concerns today. By Laurent Eyraud-Chaume (Cie Le Pas de l'oiseau) & the Vargos duo, based on the book by Luc Bronner. Ages 12 and up, booking recommended on 04 92 53 93 30 or
Org. Commune de Chorges


OPÉRATION LEVE LES YEUX - Schoolchildren are invited to discover the restoration of Embrun cathedral, in association with the Compagnons de Castellane, and to learn about the evolution of vines and their biodiversity, as part of the 50th anniversary of the Parc national des Écrins.



  • FREE VISIT - From the firefighters of yesteryear to those oftoday / 10am-6pm - Saint-Surnin, fire station - Embrun
    Exhibition of old equipment, hand pump demonstration, workshops...
    Org. SDIS 05 & Embrun firefighters
  • ELECTRIC BIKE WALK -A facet of Crots' heritage / 2pm - Parking de la Mairie - Crots
    Discover by bike the rural and religious heritage of the village, the hamlets and the mountain. Duration 3h - 10 km uphill, 750m ascent - From 12 years, registration required on 06 42 60 86 41. Electric bikes not supplied, accompanied by a volunteer.
    Org. ASPEC
  • COMMENTATED WALK - Nature& heritage / 2pm - Place de l'église - Savines-le-Lac
    Discover the village's built heritage, from the church to the Barnafret path. Registration on 04 92 44 20 03 (until 15/09).
    Org Commune de Savines-le-Lac
  • FREE VISIT - L'hôpital d'embrun, retrospective / 2pm-6pm - Hospital, chapel of the Visitandines - Embrun
    What remains of the Visitandines convent, the first place to welcome the sick? All the way to today's hospital.
    Org. Embrun Hospital Centre
  • NAUTICAL INITIATIONS - La base nautique & de plein air (bnpa) / From 2pm - BNPA, baie Saint-Michel - France Chorges
    Catamaran, funboard, kayak, paddle. Duration 45min. Registration required. Org. BNPA / commune of Chorges
  • GUIDED TOUR - La base nautique & de plein air (BNPA) / 2.30pm & 3.30pm - BNPA, Baie Saint-Michel - Chorges
    A municipal vacation center and sailing mecca. From 1972 to tomorrow's projects. Org. BNPA / commune of Chorges
  • L'eau en commun à réallon / 3pm - Les Gourniers, Maison du PNE - Réallon
    Éliane Gleize, Jean Suire and Ghyslaine Butin talk about the magic of water, its dangers, distribution, uses, needs and treatments. Duration 1h.
    Org. Patrmoine en Réallonais


SATURDAY 09/16 - Embrun


  • MEETING: What a site / 10am - 12:30pm / 2:30pm - 5pm - Cathedral forecourt
    The restoration of the cathedral explained by the Compagnons de Castellane. Org. CCSP / CCGQ


  • VISIT: A cathedral treasure / 3pm,3:30pm,4pm - Cathedral, in front of the sacristy entrance
    Liturgical vestments, veritable works of art. Duration: 30 min. Org. CCSP / CCGQ


  • MEETING: Discover the organ machine / 3pm and 4:30pm - Cathedral
    Presentation of the instrument, by Gabriel Nal and Pierre Reynaud, co-owners of the organs at Embrun Cathedral. Duration: 1 hr.
    Org. Ville d'Embrun and Paroisse de l'Embrunais-Savinois


  • CONCERT: The organ in the Renaissance / 6pm - Cathedral
    By Gabriel Nal and Pierre Rey- naud, co-owners of the organs at Embrun Cathedral. Duration: 1h15.
    Org. Ville d'Embrun and Paroisse de l'Embrunais-Savinois


  • EXHIBITION: Eclats de lumière - Saturday / 9h/19h & Sunday: 9h/10h30 - 12h30/19h - Cathedral
    This exhibition features stained glass windows from the cathedral, currently under restoration, to the more modern Savines-le-Lac church.
    Org. Ville d'Embrun and CCSP / CCGQ







  • ARTISTIC HIKE: La grande tablée / 8am or 11:15am - L'Échalp - Abriès-Ristolas
    Combining natural heritage and sport, discover Patricia Boucharlat's "Uto- pie rocheuse" project, followed by a shared meal. 8am hike to Col vieux or departure around 11:15am from the parking lot below Col Agnel.
    Org. ACSSQ
  • MEETING & CONFERENCE : Florilège of patois words & expressions / 9am-12pm - Salle polyvalente - Saint-Crépin
    At the confluence of alpine Provençal and French, Gilbert Combe presents the "and expressions to be passed on to future generations by Gilbert Combe. Open to all. Pot de l'amitié at the end of the morning. Org. Association Les genévriers & commune de Saint-Crépin
  • HERITAGE EN FÊTE / 10am-5pm - Centre ville - Guillestre
    Word games, writing games, improv theater, cultural riddles, visits, storytelling
  • RENCONTRE ATELIER: Mémoire dansée "qui fait Mont-Dauphin" / 10am, 3pm & 5:30pm - Fontaine des 4 coins - Mont-Dauphin
    As part of the "Europe Créative" cooperation project PARIAHS: "Performing Europe's historical memory", a research project on collective memory.
    10 a.m.: workshop for bodywork enthusiasts. 3pm: workshop for all. 5:30 p.m.: restitution, pot de l'amitié. Workshops open to all - registration required at Org. Association Ascen-danse
  • GUIDED VISIT: A school in days gone by / 2pm-5pm - Brunissard, old school - Arvieux
    Inaugurated in 1898, the former classroom "tells the story" of education in the Queyras (17th-20th centuries) Suitable for families. Org. Quey'racines
  • RENCONTRE: Les vignes de Réotier / 4pm - Espace muséographique, carrefour de l'Assaoudi, route de St-Clément-sur Durance - Réotier
    Presentation of the vineyard museum by the Patrimoine de Réotier association Duration 1h.
  • GUIDED TOUR: HIstory of a vineyard & its ecosystem / 5pm - École la Fraxinelle - Réotier
    A tour of the vineyards accompanied by a guide and an Écrins National Park warden. Between cultural and natural heritage. As part of the PNE's 50th anniversary celebrations. Duration 1h.
    Org. CCSP / CCGQ & PNE
Embrun_Notre-Dame_du_real_26.05.2020_09 (2)



  • GUIDED TOUR: A modern church / 10am-4pm - Église Saint-Florent - Savines-le-Lac
    Focus on Saint-Florent church, its stained glass windows, baptistery and treasure room. Registration 04 92 44 20 03 (until 15/09).
    Org. Commune de Savines-le-Lac
  • GUIDED TOUR: Picomtal Castle / 10h-11h30 / 14h-16h30 - Departure every 20-30 min. Château de Picomtal - Crots
    Guided tour of the most beautiful rooms and garden. Duration: 1h15. Price: €7, free for children under 12. Bookings on 06 42 60 86 41.
    Org. by and for the benefit of ASPEC
  • GUIDED TOUR: La Maisondes Chanonges goes back to school / 10am - Maison des Chanonges - Embrun
    In this 13th-century house, discover an exhibition dedicated to schools from the end of the 19th century to the 60s. Org. Ville d'Embrun
  • GUIDED TOUR: chapels / 2pm - Salle des Fêtes - Chorges
    Discover the chapels of Chaussins, Fein, Bourget, Bernards and Chanteloube.
    Org. Commune de Chorges
  • ESCAPE GAME : On the trail of the holypilgrims / 16h - Chapelle des Bernards - Chorges
    Discover the Escape Game at the Chapelle des Bernards. Ages 8 and up. Registration on 04 92 50 64 25.
    Org. Commune de Chorges
  • TRADITIONS & KNOW-HOW: Baking in the past / 6:30pm - Four communal des Lagiers - Chorges
    Bread and pizza baking and tasting. Org. Commune de Chorges




  • FREE VISIT: Saint-Ours chapel / 2pm-5pm - Chemin du Serre - Guillestre
    A private chapel reveals its history. Org. Town of Guillestre


  • GUIDED TOUR: Winter sports in Aiguilles in 1900 / 5pm - Old Chabataron ski lift, Pont du Moulin - Aiguilles
    Lecturer Elsa Giraud recounts the development of skiing. Duration 1h30, snack offered at the end of the visit.
    Org. Label Aiguilles & commune d'Aiguilles
'' Discover our heritage in a new light!
Boscodon Abbey



  • GUIDED TOUR: Vestige of a medieval wall / 10h, 11h, 14h, 15h - L'Abattoir, boulevard Pasteur - Embrun
    Explore the preservation of the medieval tower of the former abattoir. Duration: 45 min. Org. ASEPE
  • VISIT WITH GUIDE: A restoration project / 10h-12h / 15h-19h - Chef-lieu, Saint-Marcellin church - France Crévoux
    The characteristics of a church, with its original bell tower, that deserves to be restored. Org. Commune de Crévoux & association de sauvegarde
  • GUIDED TOUR: A Romanesque abbey / 10am & 4pm - Boscodon- Crots
    Immerse yourself in the eventful history of this 11th-century abbey, with a tour of the most representative rooms. Special rate: €8; reduced rate for 10-17 year-olds: €5.
    Org. AAB
  • FREE VISIT: The school of yesteryear / 10.30am-8pm - Place de la Mairie - Pontis
    Recapture your school days. Saturday 4pm: Dictation with the Académie ubayenne, which works to defend the French language in a fun and serious way. Org. Municipality of Pontis
  • RENCONTRE & WORKSHOP: Renaissance of forgotten vines / 2pm, 3:30pm, 5pm - Chef-lieu, Maison Fichet, salle Bernard Boyer - Les Orres
    Aroma cellar workshop and introduction to wine tasting, with Emmanuel and Delphine Berteloot, Mont-Guillaume estate. Registration required on 04 92 44 00 40 (before 14/09). Org. Commune des Orres
  • FREE VISIT: A restored mill / 3pm-7pm - Exit from the hamlet of Praveyral - Crévoux
    The old communal mill was shut down in 1956, but everything inside has been preserved. Org. Commune de Crévoux &association La Muande






  • GUIDED TOUR: The stronghold of Mont-Dauphin / 10am and 2.30pm - CMN reception, 1 place Vauban - Mont-Dauphin
    Discover the fortifications, underground passages and military buildings of the 17th century.
    e-ticketing Information: 04 92 45 42 40. Org. CMN


  • WORKSHOP & CONFERENCE: La dentelle des escartons / 2pm-6pm - Salle polyvalente - Molines-en-Queyras
    2pm-4pm : workshop / 16h-17h : conference with Ambre Bergues, passionate molinarde. Workshop open to families, with registration on 06 63 45 37 03. Org. Commune de Molines-en-Queyras

Museums & exhibitions

  • VAUBAN, 12 MAJOR SITES / Saturday & Sunday 9am-6pm - Saint-Louis Church - MONT-DAUPHIN
    To mark the 15th anniversary of the Unesco label, a retrospective of the military engineer's work, featuring 12 strongholds built or renovated by Vauban.
    Org. Municipality of Mont-Dauphin
  • LA DENTELLE D'AUTREFOIS / Saturday & Sunday 10am-2pm - Salle polyvalente - MOLINES-EN-QUEYRAS
    Headdresses and lace from the Queyras valley. Workshops from 2pm to 6pm.
    Org. Municipality of Molines-en-Queyras
  • THE HERITAGE OF THE 20th CENTURY, A JOYFUL MODERNITY / Saturday 10h-12h & 15h-18h - Pôle XXe - SAVINES-LE-LAC
    The tremendous adventure of the 20th century: white coal, the arrival of the tractor, vacation camps and solar houses.
    Org. Savines-le-Lac town council
  • CHARLIE MALGAT, UN ARTISTE TERMICIEN / Saturday 10am-12.30pm / 3pm-6pm - Sunday 2.30pm-6pm - Centre d'art contemporain Les Capucins, espace Delaroche - EMBRUN
    An artist's creation on termites to explore other ways of living together, a playful exhibition, a colorful universe with no shortage of humor. Opening Fri. 15, 6pm Org. Centre d'artcontemporain Les Capucins & ville d'Embrun
  • PORTRAITS OF TODAY'S ORRIANS / Saturday 10am-12.30pm / 2pm-6pm - Sunday 2.30pm-6pm - Musée rural, chef-lieu - LES ORRES
    A series of contemporary portraits in a space featuring objects from the mountain life of yesteryear. Possibility of visiting the chef-lieu church by borrowing the key from the museum. Org. Commune des Orres
  • ARTS AND TRADITIONS / Saturday & Sunday 14h-18h - Le Soum, musée - SAINT-VÉRAN
    Understand the architecture and daily life in Europe's highest village. Org. PNRQ
  • LA SPIRALE DU VIVANT / Saturday & Sunday 14h-18h - L'Arche des cîmes - RISTOLAS
    Discover the wealth of flora and fauna in this high valley. Org. PNRQ
  • HABITER LA MONTAGNE / Saturday & Sunday outdoors - Arsenal wall & village - MONT-DAUPHIN
    The habitat of the main valleys of the Haute-Alpes deciphered through numerous illustrations and commentaries. Org. CMN & AD 05
  • LITTLE BIGHORN / Saturday & Sunday- CMN reception, 1 place Vauban - MONT-DAUPHIN
    Sculpted by Ousmane Sow, 24 characters and 11 full-size horses tell the story of the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876.
    Org. CMN Reservation
  • 50 YEARS OF SOCIAL & NAUTICAL TOURISM / Saturday 2pm-6pm Sunday 10am-5pm - BNPA, Baie St Michel - CHORGES
    The history of the Base Nautique et Plein Air (BNPA) since 1972, a place for leisure, vacation and work. What's your connection with the BNPA? Saturday: nautical initiations, guided tour (see inside page), exhibition opening at 4.30pm.
    Org. Municipality of Chorges
  • WINTER SPORTS IN GUILLESTRE / Sunday 2pm-5pm - Tour d'Eygliers - GUILLESTRE
    Discover the Tour d'Eygliers and the exhibition. Org. Pays guillestrin


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