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Escape to Serre-Ponçon for May bank holidays

Weekend getaway at Lake Serre-Ponçon for the Ascension Bridge
'' This May, make the bridge to Serre-Ponçon and escape to the Alps for an extended weekend!

A breath of fresh air before summer

To come to the mountains in May is to enjoy the mountains in a different way. Alpine meadows in bloom, bubbling rivers and waterfalls, all sublimely bathed in the radiant sunshine of the Southern Alps - and all this in a royal calm, far from the summer crowds. The locals are also more available, giving you the chance to meet the producers and discover all the riches of our terroir. This year, the choice is yours...

Here are our 5 suggestions for disconnecting for a weekend

1. Fill up on adrenaline

White-water rafting is one of spring's most popular activities. Tackling the rapids of the Durance or Ubaye rivers amid the deafening din of the waves will give youa great dose of thrills for your Ascension weekend. But don't panic, the rivers also have their moments of calm and serenity, and know how to distill a few contemplative pauses in the wild landscapes of the Hautes-Alpes as you glide along with the current.

En mai vous pouvez déjà naviguer sur le lac de Serre-Ponçon, seront ouverts:  le bateau promenade La Carlinele Club Nautique Alpin de Serre-Ponçon (Plan d’eau d’Embrun), et d’autres prestataires nautiques sur réservation et/ou en fonction du niveau du lac.

En juin la très grande majorité des bases nautiques sont ouvertes.

Mountain bikingyou'll be spoilt for choice! Long, easy electric mountain bike rides on beautiful, easy forest trails will delight beginners and occasional riders alike. For seasoned riders or enduro enthusiasts, the red and black circuits on our our FFC website have a few nuggets in store. From endless descents on smooth, playful trails under the larch trees in the heights of Embrun to the brittle, technical singles overlooking the lake, there's something for everyone!

Finally, if you're an aesthete, opt for an exceptional experience with a paragliding or hot-air balloon flight over Lac de Serre-Ponçon. Here too, the choice is yours, depending on your preferences. Hot-air ballooning is best done in the morning, very early in the morning, to take advantage of a very calm sky at sunrise. Paragliding can be done later in the day. In our opinion, the ideal time is late afternoon, when the sun is setting...


2. Hikes along the river and among the flowers

Spring, and especially the Ascension weekend, is a time of year when life in the mountains comes alive. Fed by melting snow, waterfalls and torrents are in better shape than ever! A true spectacle to be contemplated from the footpaths along which nature comes alive again. The first mountain flowers appear at the foot of the larches, which are also regaining their summer green...

Meet our mountain professionals and all our outdoor itineraries to prepare your outings.

Spring flowers in Serre-Ponçon

Our tips for a springtime feast for the eyes

  • Chateauroux-les-Alpes_La Pisse_08.08.2019-11-2

    The Pisse waterfall

    The largest and most beautiful waterfall in the area, a must-see! It's also an incursion into the wild valley of the Rabioux and its tumultuous torrent. The approach skirts the Gramorel canal, dug in the 18th century and still indispensable to the farmers of Chateauroux les Alpes today.

    Cascade de la Pisse
  • DSCF4671

    The Gourniers discovery trail

    Une jolie boucle à l’entrée du Parc national des Ecrins pour goûter à l’ambiance de la vraie montagne et profiter des nombreux panneaux d’interprétations sur les paysages alentours et la richesse de la flore locale.

    Les Gourniers discovery trail

3. Slow down, take care of yourself

Indulge yourself this Ascension weekend and treat yourself to a moment of relaxation in an exceptional establishment. Cosy guest rooms in traditional buildings or charming hotels in period homes, panoramic terraces with lake and mountain views and treatment centers with spas and massages await you for dreamlike moments suspended in time.

Lovers of gourmet pleasures can take advantage of the expertise of our restaurant chefs to make the most of our local produce. Lamb, beef, charcuterie and cheeses are the main specialties of our region, as is the famous and delicious trout from Châteauroux les Alpes. To accompany all this, the wines of the Hautes-Alpes and Serre-Ponçon will surprise you with their quality, as willthe many locally brewed beers.

Terrace at the Hotel La Robeyère in Embrun
  • 12497117

    Bed & Breakfast

  • Hôtel La Robeyère in Embrun


  • Spas in Serre-Ponçon

    Care and well-being



  • Camping Le Roustou

    All our accommodations

4. Contemplate a sunset at Pierre Arnoux

It's one of Serre-Ponçon's great classics, and every local has his or her own favorite place to enjoy the magical moment of sunset. It's up to you to discover yours as you explore... But we recommend you start with the belvedere at Pierre-Arnoux... Once you're there, you'll quickly understand why!

Before you set off on your adventure, take a look at our tourist map to find the various viewpoints, and favour the left bank of the lake, from Embrun to Sauze du Lac, to watch the sky set ablaze towards the west. If a few clouds linger in the sky, the colors will only be enhanced! It's the promise of the most magical moment you'll experience during your Ascension weekend!

Cheeses maturing in a cellar in Crévoux

5. Fill up on local specialities

Take a stroll through the markets, meet the producers or take advantage of the knowledge and tips of the local merchants. Away from the rush of the summer season, they'll have more time to share their passion for their trades and products with you over the Ascension weekend. Winegrowers, breeders, farmers, brewers, beekeepers, cheesemakers, pork butchers, immerse yourself in the culinary traditions of our valleys.

Encounters with...

  • 272896638_2187918218017274_3851988020725345625_n

    Beer producers

  • 274673635_2208642235944872_2933403788315343538_n

    A beekeeper

  • Crevoux Fromage - OT Serre-Ponçon

    A breeder

  • 4458064

    All our shops

  • La Grande Ferme

    A restorer

Seduced? Then go ahead and book your accommodation for your next sunny getaway to Serre-Ponçon.

When should you come?

Pont de l’ascension : du mercredi 8 au dimanche 12 mai (mercredi 8 mai et jeudi 9 mai fériés)
Pont de la Pentecôte : du samedi 18 au lundi 20 mai (lundi de Pentecôte)

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